I’m going back to the therapist who got me through Peter and started working on Monster with me. I’ve got an appointment in an hour and I’m really nervous. I really like my therapist, I do, but part of me feels embarrassed or like a disappointment because I got raped again. I just wish I didn’t have to go back and say, “Hey, so Eric and I broke up. He ended up being a huge douche! Ethan and I almost lost our friendship, and I got raped again.” Like that just sucks.

But I can’t move forward if I don’t talk about it. I can’t move forward if I avoid it. Every time I see a Subaru I get really angry. Owen has two Subaru sports cars. One blue, which was the one he drove me around in a lot. He then was working on his silver one when things went bad between us.


I guess just take one day at a time.



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