Visited my sister for the weekend!

So my dad and I drove up to my sister to visit her at school and it was a great weekend! I really needed something positive after having such a rough week. It was very strange seeing my little sister in college. It brought back memories of my freshman year and having shitty roommates.


My sister’s roommate feigns to be nice but damn I think she is a bitch underneath the facade she put on for me. Plus her boyfriend was there. The whole time. I feel for my sister. I personally would not be able to deal with such bullshit. There is a thing called respect and boundaries, none of which my sister’s roommate can comprehend obviously.


In college roommates are supposed to set guidelines/rules for the room. It’s totally disrespectful to have your boyfriend in the room 24/7. Just unacceptable. It’s an unspoken rule that you’re supposed to hang in the guys room anyway. At least that’s what it was like at my college. Then my sister has a mini fridge. It’s hers. The roommate asked if she could put some things in there because her mom was supposed to get her a mini fridge. My sister literally has milk in her own fridge and all the other space is taken up by the roommate.


I’ve told my sister she needs to talk to her roommate and like say that she hasn’t said anything this far because she didn’t want to cause conflict, but that things need to change. My sister’s room is very small, which most college freshman dorms are like. So in my freshman year where my room was maybe 3-4 times the size of my sisters, having my two roommates have a boyfriend over once in a while wasn’t bad. I can’t even imagine having a room as small as my sisters and having a roommate who has her boyfriend practically live there!

The joys of being a college student…

This week I’ll be flying to Florida to visit some schools I applied to and see if I can make a decision.




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