Sister’s visiting!


So my sister came home this weekend! She is here so my dad can help her with some papers for her finals but I’m still glad she’s here!


Texted Ethan and Quick Silver today. Since they’re both film majors they both were talking about set life. I miss Quick Silver. And in EMDR the other day a lot of stuff came up regarding Ethan and I realized that after Ethan asked if Monster raped me I lost something. I lost the friendship Ethan and I previously had. Ethan and I and our relationship would never be the same. I’m mourning that. Monster took a lot of things from me, but taking Ethan away was the worst. I’m dealing with it though.

I have to run to the pet shop today to get Sui some stuff and then my mom and I might sign up for a gym. I’m hoping my mom and I can go to the gym together because I want to start to get in shape before I go to school but I want to be healthy about it and make sure I’m eating correctly and not over doing my work outs. It’s easier to exercise when you have a partner.




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