Meeting for The First Time

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These days, everyone is dating online. I rarely come across someone who meets someone through a class, or a mutual friend. Everyone is on Tinder, OkCupid, POF, and many others. If you’re like the many college students out there, meeting someone from offline for the first time can be nerve wracking. I’ve had plenty of first dates from one of those dating sites. Picking a first date with someone you’ve never met can be anxiety provoking! I’ve found that the best bet is either a coffee date or a lunch date.

A coffee date is simple and sweet! You get to meet them in person and get a sense of who they are and if you two will hit it off. There are infinite opportunities to know if you are going to have a second date, or if you two mutually agree on parting ways then and there. I would recommend a coffee date for those of you who didn’t spend too much time talking to the person before you agree to a date. I’ve been on a couple of coffee dates, and I was thankful it was a coffee date. We soon realized that there wasn’t any spark so we parted ways. I once made the mistake of going out to dinner for a first date and had to sit through an hour of awkwardness with a guy that I realized had nothing in common with me.

Lunch is also a nice option for a first date if you’ve really talked to them a lot online. I went on a really nice lunch date the other week with a guy I had been talking to for about a week or so. We enjoyed each other’s company and continued talking about subjects we briefly mentioned. A lunch date allows you time to get to know them better. Plus you can get a taste of what they like, and see if you both have similar taste in foods or not. I don’t know about you, but that’s somewhat important to me, to at least have some overlap in food likes so we can enjoy each other’s company on lunches or dinners.

Also, if your coffee date or lunch date goes well, you two can continue to hang out afterward, go for a walk, or do some other activity. First dates can be awkward, especially if you’re meeting someone for the first time, but just be you and make it light. You’ll have a good time if you’re honest about what you’re looking for and what you want. Go out there and enjoy some dates!



4 thoughts on “Meeting for The First Time

  1. “Why OkCupid is an Enemy of True Love,” by me

    While most of the guys on here are scoundrels. Maybe the girls on here don’t even know what they’re after? Hmm… what a breakthrough idea: a person not knowing what they want. Advertisers have reaped billions from this facet of human psychology since the dawn of money and somehow we’re supposed to believe that we’re different now, because we have a magic website to do all the hard work for us. Please.

    When men come across as pigs. At least you can see it a mile away and toss us aside. What about the man who promises you the world and disappears? I don’t want to be that guy so sometimes I seem rather “cool.” Does it mean I am not ready to be head over heels for you? No. It just means I am trying to wrap my head around what this all means.

    What about the guy who gives you “what you want,” even when “what you want” is bad for you? Over time you’ll realize that he’s adding to your problems and you’ll find a way to sabotage him out of your life. Well. That was fun. Now you’re a few years older and back to where you started.

    What about the girl who wants a guy with a great job and lots of money… but then becomes frustrated when he doesn’t love her for “who she is.” Seriously. Has this girl even taken time to ask herself “who she is?” Has this girl found a cause to live for… outside of her relationships with men?

    Perhaps the most ironic thing about this place is that, by its very nature, it kills the prerequisite environment for true love to occur. Love is supposed to “just happen;” so everything that occurs here basically works against that.
    Think of it. If you love someone, do you need anyone’s approval for that love to be? No way. As a matter of fact, to hell with anyone who stands inbetween you and those you love.

    So then.

    Why the f… put so much stock into the opinion of a computer program that wouldn’t bat a digital eye if you kicked the can tomorrow? Regarding this most important of things?

    True love is sort of like a mix of a really great adventure and a comforting Thanksgiving meal. It is a combination of the sweetest harmony and the most bitter disputation. It drives humanity to do admirable and stupid things. Think about it. What a powerful force. More so than the desire for food or shelter. It is raw. And the people who are making money off you right now know this: right now you’re just another sucker in their game. This may as well be the McDonald’s of websites regarding love. Quick and easy and ultimately dog sh..

    Humanity has spent the past Millennium doing away with “arranged marriages” and now we’re here reinventing the wheel so that we can prearrange our own? By practicing arranged unions, how are we no different than the Pygmies of South America? In the same way a Pygmie trades his daughter for a couple of cows in the jungle, you are trading your soul for the “man of your dreams” and his ability to give you the perfect IKEA shopping spree.

    This idea of match making runs contrary to what human beings have been pioneering for past thousands of years. Again this website is, in essence, an enemy of love. I pray for the soulless jerks who created this place, capitalizing like Queen Ursula from the Little Mermaid. What a misguided flock of nameless faceless cowards. Those seeking hookups, ironically, seem right at home here. As we “users” are seen not for our human value but as “user” slave / guniea pigs in an ongoing social experiment, no wonder then that this remains a favorite place for deadbeats, prostitutes and perverts: trickle down Morality or lack thereof.

    When a gas company causes an oil spill there are law suits. When oil prices rise there are protests and the stock market wavers. This is an example of an industry whose standards of excellence are measured, and established because of the blowback from failing to produce.

    Therefore I ask, what consequences do these “tech-head” puppet masters face, from failing to produce essentially what they promise? For providing this most egregious wastes of time?

    None. No standards. No regulation. Just a bunch of jaded people running in circles, increasing madness in the world for their own gain. We might as well be in front of a Gypsy’s crystal ball.

    I am not proposing some kind of legal standard or something should be applied here, I am just saying that the way this forum is enacted is highly suspect. Like the Little Mermaid; it is a bargain only a total fool would agree to.

    Love is a beautiful, random thing. I came here under recommendation of a, now ex, roommate. And while
    I hope for true love. I don’t think I’ll find it here. Thanks but no thanks.

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