What A Dream!

I tweeted earlier this morning about having a dream where I worked with the BAU of Criminal Minds. I’ll go into more detail.


It was so strange! We were chasing after this serial killer and abductor who had abducted up to fifty people and killed twenty. My sister had been abducted by the killer so this case was of serious importance. We were on a college campus, and the campus was pretty much dead. (no pun intended :P) We were chasing the killer and out on the front pavilion he sat there playing piano. Hotch and Morgan were going up to the killer. The killer, once they were near the piano jumped up and ran away. The piano exploded with Hotch and Morgan in range.

I ran after the killer, determined to catch him and save my sister. Hotch soon caught up to me as the killer knocked me down. He made sure I was okay and we preceded after him. Hotch was able to run faster, and I fell behind a bit. I lost Hotch and was searching the rooms and eventually found Hotch and the killer in a battle and the killer was about to kill Hotch when Hotch shot him, killing him.

There was no other way than to kill the killer, but it was a huge set back, as we now had to find the people who were abducted, my sister included. So I woke up not knowing whether she was alive or dead. That kinda sucked. But it was a pretty badass dream.

This isn’t the first dream I’ve had where I’m working with the BAU. But this one was the scariest since it involved my sister’s life.

Anyways, Good Morning and hope you’re having a great Saturday! Just thought I’d share my dream.



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