Spent the whole day scheduling

All day I’ve spent scheduling classes I will have to take/want to take at my new school to graduate. Each semester you take four classes… and as I put together my schedule it looks like I’ll be in school for a while.



  • AWR 201 (writing and research)
  • MATH 160 (College Algebra)

Natural Science

  • BIO 124 (Biological Science)
  • CHE 128 (Intro Chemistry)


  • COM 225 (Media Writing)
  • Something else-haven’t figured it out

Writing Intensive (Not sure if these fulfill writing intensive requirement..)

  • WRI 240 (Writing Drama)
  • WRI 200 (Intro to Creative Writing)
  • WRI 220 (Writing on and for the web)

That would fulfill my general education requirements

Major classes that I wish to take


  • CRM 101 (Intro to criminology)
  • CRM 102 (intro to criminal justice)
  • CRM 200 (law enforcement)
  • CRM 206 (criminal investigation)
  • CRM 210 (Ethics in Justice)
  • CRM 300 (Victimology!)
  • CRM 307 (Crime Scene Investigation)
  • CRM 310 (Abnormal behavior and criminality)
  • CRM 311 (criminal law and procedure)
  • CRM 400 (crime and punishment and current controversies)
  • CRM 401 (Internship in criminology)
  • CRM 406 (White Collar and Elite crime)
  • CRM 427 (Death Penalty)
  • CRM 451 (Senior Thesis)
  • CRM 499 (Ciminology Capstone Experience)

Minor classes


  • PSY 211 (Stats and Experimental methods 1)
  • PSY 220 (Fundamentals of Biopsych and learning)
  • PSY 303 (Abnormal Psychology)
  • PSY 319 (Psychology of Personal Relationships)


It looks like three years plus a semester… Damn-it! I don’t even know how that’s possible…maybe because I want to take SO many criminology courses… But the learning is worth it right?



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