Grey’s Anatomy

I have loved watching Grey’s Anatomy. The ups and the downs have been intense over the years. Many people have posted and have talked about the loss of Derek Shepard. The past three weeks, the episodes have been excruciatingly painful. I cried my heart out each time. My mom was worried about me continuing to watch Grey’s because of how worked up I’ve gotten over the past couple episodes.


These episodes have hit me hard because as I posted a while ago, our family went through a loss. Our family friends, their family lost their husband and father to lung cancer. That family was so full of life- they were the life of the party. They are like a second family to me, and as I watched Grey’s over the past couple weeks, I cried because I imagined our friends and what they went through right after his death. I’m going to give our family friends a name on here. I’m going to call them the Delairs. The husband who died was an amazing man. His wife an amazing woman. Seeing Meredith mourn over Derek’s death is the way I imagine Mrs. Delair did. My parents had lunch with her the other day, which made me happy. She did what Meredith did and she left. She went on vacation for a while and shut certain people out. I can understand why she did that. I’m just glad she is letting my family back in. I miss her and her children. I wish I could have seen her the other day, but I’ll be seeing her and her family later this summer.

Seeing Meredith go through Derek’s death was very hard and I know a lot of fans were upset. As crushed as I am to see Derek leave, I think it’s really good writing. It’s real. In real life you can’t control when someone dies or how they die. In Grey’s Anatomy they did the unthinkable – killed off one of the most important characters. Then we as the audience get to see the aftermath. The real, raw, emotions of loss. I congratulate the show for being so daring and real. I as a fan am devastated about the loss of Derek, but there’s a certain peace I feel in knowing that it emulates real life to a certain degree.


I also love how there’s going to be a season 12. It will show life post-derek. It will show Meredith’s journey back into living a life without Derek.



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