So I went on Facebook, just to see what all my old friends have been up to. I saw a post from Peter, the guy who sexually assaulted me in freshman year. Also got notified by instagram that he made one and to follow him. Bleh! So I check Peter’s page, and I see the mutual friends tab, saying we have mutual friends. I knew we did because he went to my school and was in performing arts with some people I knew. I click on it and find that Eric is friends with him.


Like what?! Why?! How can he be so indecent as to friend someone who sexually assaulted me. Eric was the one who told me I should report it back in freshman year after he read my statement. So what the hell happened? I think I posted about how Eric and his roommate dragged Ethan to a club where Peter DJ’s at and Ethan got drunk because of how pissed he was and how he wanted to beat Peter up for what he did to me. Of course, Ethan being the guy he is would never act violently, but he wanted to punch him that night when he was drunk he told me. Eric has become the biggest douche.


Seriously how can people change so dramatically? I am at a loss…



One thought on “Betrayal

  1. It is really strange when people from your past pop up on social media when you don’t want them to. At least you have some control over the situation. Sorry for your past troubles and I hope for better days ahead.

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