So I didn’t post yesterday and I am just getting online late tonight. Things have been hectic. Me and my sister totally freaked out on my parents the other night. Things that we had been holding in for a while. My mom also went to the doctor so she was already stressed. Today we apologized and bought her flowers, cleaned the kitchen and bought my dad chocolate. My mom was supposed to go back to the doctors so they could take another look and they were so backed up she didn’t get to get in so she’s going in on saturday.

It makes me nervous that my mom has to go back in. They have to look at her liver again. I can’t imagine why there would be a problem with her liver, but the idea that there is a potential problem makes me nervous. I just want everyone in my family to be healthy.

I am debating on whether I need to go back to treatment for my eating disorder so that’s making me very on edge. My parents are on edge for either work or health reasons. I don’t know things have just been strained around the house since my sister’s gotten home.


Our family is good in sets of three’s (mom, dad, one of us) but when we are all in the house we tend to fight a lot and the house gets a bit claustrophobic at times. But then again, I guess all families have their issues…



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