I Want To Scream and Cry

Watching Grey’s Anatomy seems to have triggered me to feel. I stayed unemotional for most of today but now for some reason I want to just scream and cry and breakdown. I want to not feel the way I’m feeling right now…which is scared and sad and angry. This Owen stuff is triggering and seeing Cody, or being with Cody is nice but scary. I am so scared of getting hurt. I can’t help it. I have so much fear when it comes to actually feeling anything for anyone anymore. I have fear with getting close to someone. I have fear of actually letting someone help me. I have fear that they will one day just walk away because they can’t handle my strong emotional swings that come with the territory of PTSD.


I have no idea how to handle the overwhelming emotions I’m feeling right now that I’m trying to suppress…



4 thoughts on “I Want To Scream and Cry

  1. Ah this happens to me after watching some shows too! Sorry you’re having a rough time. There are a lot of people out there who can relate (me!) and people you can get close to who will understand that some of the most intense people are also some of the most wonderful…

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