Home Alone

So my parents are about to leave for their show, which means me and my sister will be alone while they’re gone. That means having to take care of our old dog, who we are scared will possibly die while they’re gone, and just making sure the house stays clean.

I hate it when people I love fly. I get scared. I get separation anxiety. It sucks. I always, when I know a loved one is flying, demand to know when they land to make sure they are safe. I hope that my parents show goes well! I really love what my moms designed.


Also while they’re gone I’ll be applying to the school in NYC and I’ll have to decide whether I want to do full time or part time. If I do part time then I get to work for my parents and learn the family business which I do want to know. I just have a hard time figuring out which passions I should follow. I also should be hearing back from Renfrew to know when I start. I am not used to things not being planned or set in stone. I am trying to just go with the flow but that’s not always natural for me.

I pray my parents have a safe flight to the show and when they come back!



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