Yesterday Cody and I spent the whole day together since it was his day off from work. We went out to lunch with two of his friends. I personally looked at the menu and panicked. I saw things I would eat, but the idea of eating them just was too overwhelming. I didn’t want to order and have it be obvious that I have issues with food. Then one of Cody’s friends started talking about how he didn’t get how people would starve themselves, but then stopped and I looked to Cody who was shaking his head.


I personally was curious to hear his friends opinion, but at the same time I’m glad Cody was looking out for me because of the fact I was already feeling kinda shitty about the whole not being able to eat. After lunch we went to a bar and talked and drank. Cody ordered me a flatbread pizza, which he said we would split, but it was just for me. I got a sex on the beach at like three in the afternoon and because I was drinking before the pizza arrived, I was drunk enough to not worry about eating and all the emotions that come with eating.


So I ate most of the pizza and got a second drink even though I knew one was okay, I just wanted a second drink because of the guilt I knew I’d soon feel after eating. So I was drunk, but not wasted drunk, just happy tipsy drunk. Then we went back to Cody’s and played music for a while. That was fun. I won’t be doing open mic night this wednesday because I am used to a lot of preparation before I go on stage. Also Cody has songs that he wants to play which is great. I totally support that, but then if we are doing songs together then we need to choose songs that I personally can sing well if that’s what he wants me to do. I’ll go on stage if I am confident in the songs I’m singing. I just don’t know most of the songs he plays.

After the music we went back to my place and we had sex, and then shower sex, and that was nice. The whole day was really nice. Then later Cody made me some pasta because I definitely needed to eat, so it was just really nice.

Also Cody’s friends like me! Like they actually like me! I don’t know if I blogged much about Captain America, but he was one of my boyfriends and his friends treated me like crap and hated me which made that relationship impossible to have. So having Cody’s friends like me means a lot to me. Speaking of Cody’s friends, that friend of his I like, he and Cody were on the phone and he was like “I really like Anna. She is really nice. She said all these really nice things about you. I think she loves you-not like love love- but you know. She said you were the nicest guy she’s been with and how amazing you are and stuff. Is it getting serious?” Cody said, “yeah” but I don’t know if he said that just because of the fact it was on speaker phone and he didn’t want to offend me or something. Also his friend mentioning love… yikes! Again, if you want my opinion and feelings on love, Love and Blasts From The Past post and you’ll understand.


If you’ve been a reader you know the things I’ve gone through hence all the… well hence the shock to me finding a nice guy and all that. But anyways! His friend and Cody are going to be making me and his friends girlfriend dinner one night! I am super excited!! Like, I’ve always wanted a guy to cook for me. And ah just really excited for that 🙂 plus I’ll get to know Cody’s best friend and his girlfriend! The whole thing is a win.

Having a good day so far. Hope everyone else is having a good one!



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