Haunted Asylum


Cody, my sister, and I went to a haunted abandoned asylum this evening and it was fun! Cody totally got scared though, but he says if he were with his usual friends that he does that with then he would have been fine. My sister got scared because Cody got scared, and that made me scared. So I eventually said fuck it and went in again and my sister followed me and we went into the upstairs and the basement a bit but I didn’t like it after a while so we left. But we are all going to go back again when we are more prepared. We didn’t bring flashlights or anything. But it was exciting!

I am the biggest chicken shit ever and I went in first! I led my sister. I took initiative and took the lead. I don’t take lead, like ever. I only step up when no one else will. But I’m very freaking proud of myself.



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