I feel stupid

Im with Cody right now and I asked about the Facebook official thing and he said his friend was like it’s not official until it’s Facebook official. Cody did it kind of as a joke he said. He was like yeah sure let people know. So I totally feel like a dumbass for getting so stupidly happy. Though my therapist would say that was progress for me… Fuck emotions. Lol


6 thoughts on “I feel stupid

  1. at least he put it up there. I dated a guy for almost three years and I had to be the one to post that we were in a relationship. I feel like if you’re not willing to post it, what are you hiding? Are you embarassed to be seen with me or show that you’re with me? Maybe that’s just my own insecurities, I know some couples don’t think it’s a big deal at all and consider it a joke. I feel it’s similar to holding hands or showing affection when out in public.. yeah, own it and be proud you are with me!

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  2. I’ve been in plenty of relationships and we didn’t put anything on Facebook. It didn’t make it any less “real” to both of us. This is just my personal opinion, but I think people place waaaaaay too much emphasis on social media. I mean, (sorry) but who really cares? He wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t want to be. That may be a bit harsh, but it is the truth. Don’t read into it too much – otherwise you’ll kill it before you realise what happened.

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  3. I’m older than you guys, and I can still say that guys tend to NOT be really good about those romantic types of things. He may have used his friends comment as the excuse to put it out there without having to be upfront about it. So …..he did it. Go with it. Be happy 😀

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