A Sexy Surprise After A Tough Week

My family had to put our dog down yesterday, and this morning we put down Cody’s dog. Rough couple of days. But! Cody apparently got me this nerdy star wars shirt, and he got himself some star wars socks, and then got something for us as a surprise. I also want to surprise Cody, and I am so nervous for it.

I’ve stated before that I always believed that I thought guys liked girls bodies rather than the person.So when I was with Ethan, my first ever boyfriend, I thought I could surprise him with lingerie. Let’s just say that was the worst experience ever and ever since then I’ve had severe anxiety regarding getting lingerie.

When buying lingerie for Ethan I got this black sexy dress kind of lingerie because I knew his taste in lingerie was not promiscuous. Ethan’s response to when I told him I got lingerie was, “Why? I’m just going to take it off.”

So since that experience I’ve been very nervous about the whole lingerie thing. I did eventually buy lingerie again, the summer before sophomore year of college. It was sexy, lacy pink and black see through corset like lingerie and the guy loved it. I think I wore that for Eric too. But I really never bought any more after that. Plus my chest size has grown so now I had to buy new stuff.

I bought lingerie today, which brought up a lot of anxiety. I want to surprise Cody and I know he’ll love it…or I hope he does 😛 because I love the whole pink and black lace thing!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.42.39 PM

It’s so fucking sexy. I love it, even if he doesn’t, I would totally walk around the house in it in heels if I was ever having a shit day because I think I look so good in it and it makes me feel good. Like it’s not just a bra and panties, it’s like this see through cover thing too, and I don’t know….

But I am so fucking nervous to do this!!! Like I don’t know how to wear the thing I got under clothing… So I am going to have to be creative or cliche with the whole “I got to go to the bathroom” then come back in lingerie. I would rather us be making out and him start taking off my clothes and be surprised that way… I guess I’ll figure it out!

Super freaking out and excited and nervous! Hopefully this experience with lingerie goes better than my first! Fingers crossed!



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