Or not so much… After I posted yesterday, Cody and I were hanging out. So I went to Verizon, where he works and we were going to take his car because I told him the surprise was in the car and sadly his car was parked close to mine, and he was like, “Is that a Victoria’s Secret bag in your car?”


So I was so mad. More like upset and sad because it was half way ruined. But, in the evening I wore it and we had a good night over all. I would say it was my best experience with lingerie so far, so yay on that.

So Cody has a surprise for me later, star wars related because he is a nerd and got me a tank top and he got himself something, but there’s another thing that is a surprise so I will get to see that tonight. I really wanna know what it is! Cody refused to give me any hints today at lunch.


But yeah, even though Cody half way found out what his surprise was it went pretty well. I mean, I was really nervous because of my history with lingerie and stuff but I think it went well.

Anyways, I am excited to know what this surprise is tonight.



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