I Love You, I Know

I went to Cody’s last night to watch Star Wars. He gave me the R2-D2 tank-tunic thing and well…it fit perfectly. So perfectly that he was very turned on. He said it was better than my lingerie… I swear me and lingerie have a shitty relationship with each other. But he said he liked the lingerie too, but this was a star wars thing so I guess it just turned him on more or something. But he said if I wore my lingerie under it he would lose it. So that will happen eventually…

Anyways, the surprise was that he bought a necklace set.


If you’ve watched Star Wars you get the reference. I thought it was super sweet! He did give me a hint yesterday and I found the site he got it from and figured he either got the necklace set or the ring set. I figured he would go for the ring set because it was half the price of the necklaces but he said he wasn’t sure about ring size, and that he also doesn’t really wear rings. But ah, the necklace is awesome! Super happy šŸ™‚

I told Cody how I was having a rough night before I saw him. I was texting Andy and Quick Silver though. Andy got me through the worst, most depressing part of it. Then later I texted Quick Silver to make sure he still had my lighters and safety pins I gave him.Ā 

Quick Silver has them, they are safe. Quick Silver is holding onto them for me until I am strong enough to have them back and not use them. I’m really glad he has them though. I once had to do that with Ethan. I gave him my lighters to keep from me, I think we were broken up by that point. But when we were together I gave him my laxatives and he kept them from me, even though I once almost tore his dorm room a part searching for them.

But I am glad Quick Silver, Andy and I are still talking and stuff. I really fucking miss them. I also miss all my other friends. I just… I love the town where I went to school with them, and I want to visit so bad, but at the same time, I am hesitant because of the fact that Owen is there, and there are a lot of bad memories. Plus there’s the issue of money… I looked at flights and I am not even going to mention it to my dad again.

Anyways! So Cody’s surprise was awesome! I really love the necklace, though the chain is really long, so I might switch it out for one of my shorter chains I have in my room. But last night was super fun! We teased each other and were very playful which I love. Then this morning was nice. We had sex again and it was good, and he was going to come but he pulled out and said he didn’t want to come if he couldn’t also make me come.

That was so nice to hear. I am so used to having the goal being getting the guy off, and then me either not getting off or doing it later on when they’re gone. It’s true though, Cody does always try to make sure I come before he does and that really does mean a lot to me. It’s nice. More guys should be like that.

But anyways, things are good. Plus I found this really cool book at Barnes and Noble yesterday about a NYPD Cop and I am loving the book! So good. So my day will consist of reading that book and drinking tea which sounds like a perfect day.

Hope everyone else is having as great a day as I am!



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