I am really angry. I am relaxing, the whole day, watching Dexter, and I am sitting in the TV room minding my own business when my mom walks in and says, “Wow, if there was ever a double ganger of Dexter it’s Ethan.” I replied with, “I know, it’s funny that I met him after I started watching Dexter.”

My mom sits down because I invite her to sit. She starts talking and it all goes down hill from there.


She says a comment about Ethan, one of nostalgia and I sigh knowing where this is about to go. It always goes here.

“You still love Ethan?” mom says.

“Mom, stop. I’m not getting back together with Ethan. Me and Ethan are never getting back together you need to get over that. Do I care about him? Yes. But I do not love him romantically,” I said.

“I don’t know why I think that. Why do I always go back to him?” my mom asked.

“I can’t answer that. But you do need to get over that,” I said.

“I think it’s because I got to know him and his family. There was a real connection.”

“Maybe. But seriously, you need to stop thinking about Ethan and me. It’s never going to happen.”

“I’m still not there with Cody,” mom confesses.

“Well, dad is. Why aren’t you there yet?” I ask.

“I haven’t gotten a chance to know him,” mom said.

I explained to her that she would get to know him. We talked about the one issue my dad thought could be a pitfall for Cody and I and I assured my mom I was committed. I hate that she questions me. My judgment. My choice of who I’m with. I love Cody. End of fucking story. I am doing my best with trusting Cody, letting him in, getting to know him, doing the whole relationship thing. The last thing I need is my mom putting doubts in my head! Like where does she get off with doing that?

She is more than willing to get to know Cody, and I hope to the fucking gods she does, because if I hear her get all nostalgic for Ethan I’m going to freaking scream. I hate it. I hate that she hasn’t gotten over Ethan and me. It fucking sucks. I don’t need to be reminded about how shitty Ethan and I ended the romantic relationship. I don’t need to be reminded of Ethan at all, actually. I am still trying my best to be friends with him even after that Monster comment.

I just had to vent, because yelling at my mom wouldn’t be helpful. But seriously, I want my mom to get on board with Cody. I think she will like Cody just as much as she liked Ethan, if not more, once she gets to see Cody and I interact and once she gets to know him more.



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