Relaxing and Nostalgia


I spent the whole day watching Dexter. Watching Dexter always seems to relax me when things are not the best. I swear when I was going through all of the shit I went through at school Dexter was my savior. There are so many things I can relate to in Dexter. Dexter is Ethan and I am Deb. It’s actually funny. I couldn’t believe how much Dexter and Ethan were alike when I met him. As I watched Dexter I realized just how similar I was to Deb. I think I like watching Dexter because there are specific scenes throughout the series between Dexter and Deb or Deter and Rita where I’m like, “That was Ethan and me.”


Seeing Gabby and talking with her about everyone really makes me miss my old school. I wanna visit so bad now… she told me to check out Jetblue flights because those are cheap and around $250. My dad said he didn’t want to pay much more than $200 so maybe I can see if he will let me visit… but I probably won’t.

I texted Ethan a while ago to see if he wanted to Skype later. I haven’t skyped him or any of my other friends in ages. I skyped Ethan’s sister like two weeks ago, so I am way overdo to Skype Ethan and my other friends. I’ve wanted to ask Quick Silver or Andy about skyping but I’ve been too scared of them saying no or getting rejected in some way…



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