Worst Nightmare

My nightmare started off with me going to English class. It was strange it was set in my high school building, part of it, and I sit down for english and I look to see my teacher is Owen. I sit there in shock and then there was some assignment and Owen didn’t like mine. It was obvious he treated me differently than the other students.

Then time skipped or locations skipped. I think I was still on campus, but something happened to the world. I don’t know what, but it was in chaos and things weren’t good, kinda almost post apocalyptic maybe… but all the girls were having to go get assigned to a man who they were to marry.


I was in line and I wrote down my anonymous blog name “Anonymous Anna XOXO.” I put that in the basket, and when it was pulled I was called forward and was told I was going to be marrying Owen. Somehow they knew he had raped someone, but they thought it was a different girl, so they made sure she didn’t end up with him. Once a name is pulled you can’t go back and I tried explaining that the other girl wasn’t the one he raped, but it was me. They said sorry, and sent me forward to go meet him to get married.


Jesus Fucking Hell! What in the world made me dream of Owen and what in the hell made me dream that I’m marrying him? Maybe marriage was in the dream because of my mom and Gabby talking about in ten years and Ethan and shit. But I wasn’t even thinking of Owen yesterday, or a couple days previous.

I am totally creeped out by my dream. I would hope to the gods that if I ever get married I wouldn’t be marrying someone so terrible and scary. I mean, yeah marriage would be awesome to have one day but if I ever ended up marrying someone like Owen I would fucking like run away.

The worst part in my dream was that when I was assigned to marry him I knew I was about to have a life of getting abused and possibly killed because I had reported him. In the dream Owen definitely treated me differently, he treated me with passive aggressive anger and I knew he was angry at me for reporting him.


So glad to be awake and realize I have an amazing boyfriend who treats me with respect.



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