Wisdom Teeth Got Pulled



I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. Cody was awesome, he took me there and sat in the room with me while they put me under. Honestly if he didn’t go with me I would have freaked out ten times more worse. He of course took a video of me once the procedure was over. I don’t remember anything really. But Cody was AMAZING yesterday. We spent the whole day in my parents bed watching Dexter together. He took great care of me and was the best support. I’ve never had that and it really meant the world to me that he went to the dentist with me because I know how freaked out he gets about the dentist. I just feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Also the pain meds are nice. I’ve got like a super high script for ibuprofen and some hydrocodone (vicodin) which makes me really sleepy. Well, both meds make me sleepy but the hydocodone makes me very sleepy and in a strange state.


I am basically going to try and relax and maybe nap today so when Cody gets out from work and we hang with his friend I won’t be so tired or out of it. His best friend who we’re hanging with tonight also just got his wisdom teeth out so we were planning on going to this coffee shop and then the bar after because Cody wants to go to a bar haha.


But yeah, so I’m curled up on the downstairs couch, watching TV while wearing Cody’s hat, wrapped in his childhood blankie with his favorite stuffed animal from his childhood that he gave me named Leppy. So I am pretty damn happy and content. 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a good friday!



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