Signed up for classes!

I have been major stressing about school but I finally signed up for classes, which start on thursday 😛


But I am taking Sociology 101, Law and Evidence, and Abnormal Psychology. I am really excited to be going back to school because now I have a goal, a purpose. The summer can be great and all, but I like being in school and learning. It makes me feel complete and happy. Also Cody’s classes are on tues/thurs mornings, and my class is in the afternoon so hopefully we will have a little time before I head to the city so I can help him with the math class.


It’s going to be a huge change to go to NYC and be in a criminal justice school. I think one of my classes has like 100 people in it, which terrifies the living hell out of me. I am used to classes that are twenty students maximum. My other two classes have like thirty students, so that’s more of what I’m used to.


I really hope I have good teachers. Only one of the teachers I have was on rate my professor that got really good ratings, so I am hoping for the best with the other two teachers.



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