California Enacts “Yes Means Yes” Law


Yes Means Yes

That’s the article I just read. Honestly I am not sure what to think about it. I’m glad it’s gotten people talking but I am not sure the “yes means yes” is as good as it seems. There’s pro’s and cons to this law. What is good is that it’s acknowledging that women and men who get assaulted don’t always have the courage to say no and that silence is not consent. Sometimes they are being threatened or are too scared or aren’t really conscious or are wasted out of their minds.

I have to say though, this law does present some issues that people commented on. What if the person said yes but was coerced? That’s just one thought. And how would one prove that verbal consent was given, and under what circumstances?

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who asks me if I’m okay with having sex before it happens, or while we are making out. He even will check in with me during sex at times because he knows my history of sexual assault and being raped two times, and knows that sometimes while we are in the middle of having sex I could change my mind about continuing, and when I do, he gets off me and we get dressed.

I know that some people have commented that it’s ridiculous to ask every time before you have sex, but what’s the harm? Maybe it’s not “sexy” but it’s respectful.

What are your opinions on this new law? I still want to read more about it so I can make an informed decision and opinion.



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