Jobs, A Jealous Ex, Family Get Togethers, and Moving On Up


I know I haven’t posted in what seems like forever, but that’s because I have been working at my new job! I am a waitress at this diner, and I’ve been in training and tomorrow is my first day as a real waitress. When in training I didn’t get the tips from the tables I worked so tomorrow I will actually be making tips! Kinda really excited!


Also the other night we got together at a bar, Cody, me, his mom, his sister and brother. His grandparents were supposed to come but they didn’t. But when Cody’s siblings left, Cody and me stayed behind to hang out with his mom and we ended up having an awesome time. Cody’s mom said she loves me! Cody’s mom approves of me!! Seriously happy about that. Also Cody’s mom never liked Cody’s ex who we will call…Siena, so that made me happy too. AND Cody’s mom told us that Cody’s breathing issues could be genetic, so she said if Cody and I planned to have kids to look into that. All I would need is two shots during the pregnancy, but again, the fact that his mom talked about him and me having kids must mean she approves and everything. She said she really likes us together!!! Sorry just super happy from that night!


Also side note to what I’m talking about above, Cody’s ex Siena, has been really talking to him a lot and wanting to get together with him. Also there is proof that she is trying to make him doubt Cody and I. So for me, since I’ve had bad experiences with girls in the past, I got really upset. Usually in the past, if any girl wanted a guy I was after or had, I usually just walked away the second they showed interest because I knew they would “win”. So this was the first time I actually stood up and fought back and stayed instead of walking away. I told Cody that if she kept contacting him that much that he needed to tell her to give him some space. He respected that. THAT meant the world to me. Because I don’t deal well with manipulative bitches. Yes there’s anger. I apologize but I don’t take well to a girl trying to make the guy doubt me. I would post the pics of the conversation but then it gives identities away so I’ll just re-type the convo so you guys know what I mean.

(these conversations are anywhere from the first month of dating to last week. I’ll start off with the conversations that were earlier in our relationship and below are all gifs of the emotions I’ve experienced due to Siena)












[Back in the summer when I was in treatment]

Siena: Can you text me later when your not with Anna? I want to ask you something but it’s kinda personal.

Cody: ok


Siena: I just wanted to ask if your getting really serious with Anna…like I know it’s None of my business and you don’t have to tell me. But have you had sex with her?

Cody: yeah, we are getting really serious and I’ve already considered a long term relationship with her. And yes, we have had sex.

Siena: Okay I was just curious because it seemed like you were getting serious


Okay so my side note on that convo is that it truly was NONE of her business. Whether Cody and I had had sex is between CODY AND ME. Not her. So I wasn’t too happy when I knew Cody told her. That was the first time that Siena really upset me and it made me feel uncomfortable.


[maybe month two of Cody and my relationship]

Siena: How’s Anna?

Cody: She’s good. I’m about to go on break with her.

Siena: What do you mean go on break with her?

Cody: I’m going on break right now to go to lunch with her.

Siena: Oh hahah I thought you meant like vacation


This one my friend back from GA thought was really funny. She told me this was her favorite because Siena thought Cody meant break as in break up. Sorry sweetie but that ain’t happening.


[week or so later]

Siena: How’s Anna?

Cody: She’s good

Siena: That’s good. Do you wanna hang out tomorrow around 11 or 12?

Cody: I got work in (location) 😦

Siena: Aww okay haha


[week later]

Siena: Morning 🙂

Cody: Good morning

Siena: Whattchaaa doing

Cody: I’m with Anna and I’m about to go to work


So I am sorry but NO ONE texts “Morning :)” to someone unless they’re in a relationship with that person. I never even did that with Cody (because he was always over) but with all my other relationships they would always text me “Morning :)” because what does a morning text say???? That when I wake up you’re who I’m thinking about. You’re the first thing I think of in the morning. So wasn’t happy about that. But Cody does admit she is getting jealous.


[When I gave Cody that surprise in the ferrari]

Siena: How are you and Anna?

Cody: We’re doing well, we’re gonna have a nice dinner tomorrow night and she’s got a surprise planned for me on sunday. I have no idea what we’re gonna do.

Siena: That sounds like a lot of fun. Where are you going to dinner? Is it like an anniversary or something?

Cody: No, she just wanted to do something nice.

Siena: Do you have any idea what the surprise is?

Cody: No, she says there’s two things we’re gonna do. I have no idea.

Siena: Let me know if it’s not too personal what she does hahah


I don’t like the last thing she said but it’s whatever.


[month or so ago]

Siena: Cody are you really happy with Anna (8:38 pm)

Siena: You seem it and I’m really happy for you 🙂 (8:43 pm)

Cody: I really am thanks for asking 🙂

Siena: Good I’m glad 🙂


This one I put in because the time stamp in which Siena texted those two things shows that she got nervous when Cody didn’t reply, so she had to go and seem like she was happy for us.


[last week first day of my job]

Siena: Hey

Cody: Hey

Siena: What’s up

Cody: At home depot, getting paint what’s up with you?

Siena: hahahah right across the street. I’m at the preschool.

Cody: haha oh cool

Siena: I get out in like 10 minutes. Wanna meet somewhere? haha


Yeah wasn’t too happy to come home from work to know that.


Anyways, I sent all those texts to my friend in GA and she understand how girls work and she was laughing when she read them. She says that my worries about Siena being jealous and trying to plant seeds of doubt are reasonable. Also her roommate totally agreed with me that the girl was like way too into Cody and I and there had to be an ulterior motive.


Cody, once I got the courage to tell him all this and make my case, agreed with me too. Cody agrees she is jealous. But Cody thinks Siena is too stupid to be able to manipulate. I told him it was subconscious or it was inadvertent. He agreed. That’s when I told him if she keeps texting him to hang out or about Cody and me that he needs to tell her to give him some space, because in all honesty it’s making me uncomfortable.


And my friend in GA even knew that I had kinda cut back on talking with Ethan (my first love). How did she know that? Maybe Ethan told her? But seriously I gave up a lot of contact with Ethan and other guys because I knew it made Cody uncomfortable, so I figured the least he could do is do the same for me. Also when Ethan was with his next girlfriend after me, he told me to give him space so he could see if he and that girl could be together and work things out. Did I take offense? As a friend no, I totally got that. But because I honestly still deep down wished he wanted me, yeah that part of me wasn’t happy but I got it. And I truly care about Ethan, so if I care, I’ll give him space and let him do what he needs to do. That’s a true friend. I didn’t play the whole jealous ex thing. I did as Ethan asked and respected it.


But anyways, I totally got side tracked with that. Cody was at Home depot because he and I are not moving out of the house, but moving into the attic of my parents house. Our attic has a bedroom, bathroom, and hang out room, so it’s like a mini apartment or suite. It’s really nice, but it really does need to be painted.

Last night was pretty rough though. Cody and I weren’t on the same page about things plus I got triggered. Not a fun night. I even said to Cody that I was giving him an out, as in here’s another chance to leave with no hard feelings, but he said he didn’t want it, that all he wanted was me… so that was really fucking sweet. But we’re good now. I still can’t believe his mom likes me so much! That makes me happy, and I want to hang out with her because she is really fun! Plus Cody hung out with my mom the other day. He works for my parents company and so my mom told him to join her to go Maserati car shopping with her. I was so jealous! But yeah, I’m glad my mom likes Cody. I’m glad that my family likes Cody and that his family likes me! In my past relationships that’s never happened so I’m happy about that.

Anyways, hope everyone’s having a good day and I will try to actually blog more, just I haven’t had time lately.



4 thoughts on “Jobs, A Jealous Ex, Family Get Togethers, and Moving On Up

  1. You need to give him more credit and ignore Siena. It’s obvious that she can’t let go of him but he mentions you at all times, so there’s nothing to worry about. Let her try her butt off. She won’t get it. Just be careful that you don’t get overly “crazy” about it and in doing so over-react. The fact that his mom likes you has a lot to do with how he talks about you when with his mom. She can also sense how he is when he is around you. From my point of view all you have to be scared of is letting her get to you. Let her do her things. Be confident in this relationship. You have every reason to.

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    • Oh I know that. I do, but Cody and I agreed that she did need to give us space. I trust Cody but I don’t trust her. Her being so involved makes me feel uncomfortable, so I told Cody that. But yeah I’m doing my best to be confident in this relationship, I just have never had anything so good so it’s a new concept for me to be confident about a relationship in general.

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      • I totally see why… My husband had an ex who started calling him all the time. Chit-chatting along. They had broken up long before we started dating… then she heard that we would get married and called him and freaked out telling him off in the rudest way. I was standing next to him and could hear her scream. I got to the point where I got really annoyed about him trying to listen to her and calm her down while we were meant to go have dinner. That was in November back then. I told him off when he finally hung up after an hour of talking to her. Only two months later we walked into her while working. She was okay but after we got back to our hotel she called and yet again told him off and screamed at him and he talked to her for way too long. I got so angry again at him. We ended up having a huge argument because I thought he should have simply hung up on her. Then hours later I got so mad at me for letting this get to me. I was never worried about her and him but I thought it was beyond everything from her to call him all the time and especially going bat-shit crazy about us getting married and being happy (excuse my language).
        We saw her again the next day and when we left I turned around, looked at her and just asked if there’s something she’d like to say because it would be better she’d get rid of it now rather than calling later. A simple no was her answer. She never called again…
        18 months later I hired her for a job at an event. She was baffled that I did. She did a great job , we worked together very well, and I’m sure she didn’t feel comfortable. Years later I saw her again, both of us working for an event and one evening she took me out for a drink and apologized and mentioned how grateful she was that I hired her back then and that she never really understood how I could be above all that happened. She had tears in her eyes while telling me this and I got a hug at the end. I knew it was coming from the heart. And I knew that back then she was not over him (no rocket science given her reaction). But I knew as well that she was no longer part of my husbands life. He would have never risked losing me over her. Never.

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