Painting the Attic and Getting Sick


I hate getting colds and Cody got a cold on monday and I caught it too. So we’ve both been sick since monday. I didn’t go into work today which was good because I slept most of the day. Cody and I were going to go halloween costume shopping and go to open mic night, but with how shitty he’s been feeling today we decided to stay in once he gets home from work. Plus he has a math test tomorrow and needs to study for it.


We started painting the attic this past weekend and then we got sick so the bedroom is only half painted. But we really like the blue we chose. I can’t wait to move upstairs because there really is NO room for all Cody’s clothes and things. I posted it on FB and Siena texted Cody about it soon after and that proved my theory on her interest in him and wanting us to not be together. Even Cody was like, “There’s something up with her, she is acting weird you’re right.” That felt amazing to hear.



Things with my sister have taken a turn for the worse…in the beginning of my relationship with Cody there was one night were I was drunk and he was too and we had sex. It was a mistake, and I felt like really bad after it and Cody felt bad too knowing what it reminded me of. We worked through it and we’ve obviously moved on. My sister, though, thinks negatively of Cody because of that one night. She thought he took advantage of me, which didn’t happen. We both were drunk and we both decided to have sex. It was a bad judgement call on both our parts. But my sister told my parents about that night between Cody and I and things got awkward. My parents talked to Cody telling him this in no way changed the way they thought of him, because they know how much he and I love each other and respect each other, plus they trust my judgement and see that I’ve been nothing but better since meeting him.


Things in the house are back to normal but my sister told me that if Cody was moving into the attic that she wasn’t coming home for Christmas. She is also giving my parents a hard time. We are hoping things get better down the line with my sister but it takes two to tango, so until she is ready to make an effort things are going to stay the same.



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