Back to Treatment


I haven’t been eating for the past two weeks except for maybe a meal a day. I’ve lost weight. My heart rate is low. I am not sure how I feel about all this.


I am super not happy about any of this. But I can’t get myself to eat. Cody had to leave work today to go get lunch with me so I would eat. Which I did, a bit, before I got nauseous. I am hungry now, but don’t want to eat.


I am so sick of this disorder.



3 thoughts on “Back to Treatment

  1. I wish I had some idea of what to say. I can offer electronic hugs through the wires but that’s not much. I can offer kudos for you knowing that you need to battle it. With all the stressers, it’s probably not surprising. So eat no less today than yesterday, a bite more tomorrow than today. I’m sure this didn’t happen overnight, and restoration won’t happen overnight either. Hang in there. Maybe you have to be like the knight in Monty Python and keep fighting.. (intended as humor because that’s one of my coping mechanisms)

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