Dinner with a Surprise

My parents forced me to go out to dinner to eat because they knew I wasn’t going to eat if I didn’t join them. So we invited Cody to dinner because he was at his moms to pay a bill with her, and when we got to dinner Cody surprised me with a beautiful bracelet.

We had gone to Kohls a couple days ago and there was this gorgeous fake diamond bracelet I wanted and it was on sale for $20 and originally priced at $60.

Cody says to me, “It’s not the same one but it’s similar.” My first thought was that the one I wanted was gone, and it turns out Cody got me a bracelet that was in the glass box, meaning it was real. White Saphire. He got me a bracelet that was originally priced at $285 and he said he was willing to spend that much on me, and then it turned out it was on sale for $70.



But dude… like what the royal fuck?! I have never ever gotten a gift that nice. No guy has ever bought me something so freaking nice and special. Like dude… I’m in awe. Like look at that bracelet! Isn’t it fucking gorgeous?

I just… I don’t know, I really wanted that $20 bracelet and I wouldn’t even buy it for myself because I didn’t think it was worth spending that money on me… but Cody was willing to spend $285 for me… like holy fuck. Jesus, I have an amazing boyfriend. I feel so fucking lucky.



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