It’s December!


Happy Holidays to everyone! I know it’s early but I am actually excited for Christmas this year. If you’ve read my blog, you would know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am not the biggest fan of Christmas. I love that it brings family together but this year my Christmas is going to be different.


For one thing I am using the money I earned to buy my gifts for people. I always used my parents money to buy gifts because I had none of my own, and honestly it feels really good to use my own money to buy things for others. I have gotten Cody three things so far. I got his sister and dad a gift  also. I still need to get his brother his gift, and Cody and I will do a combined gift for his mom. I have to get my granddad, mom, dad, and sister a present too.


I am excited because on Christmas morning after I open presents at my house, I’ll be heading to Cody’s house to spend the rest of Christmas with his family and open and give presents over there. I am nervous about my Christmas because my sister will be coming home.


If you’ve read my blog you know the situation with my sister, if not, read this. That is the first post I made about the situation with my sister. Lots has happened since that first post. My sister is finally coming home with that guy that she met online and stayed with. Also they are a couple now. So that’s new. She won’t talk to me still. Ignores all my texts. So I am terrified for her to come home. I just hope she doesn’t ignore me.


Cody has to stay at his house while she is here. That was her condition for coming home. If things get too hectic at my house I’m going to stay with Cody at his house while she is here. Cody is more than welcome to come over whenever my sister and her boyfriend go to NYC for the day. I am excited for Cody to meet my granddad. I hope they like each other.

I am not very materialistic and the things I would like for Christmas are probably near impossible to have. I miss my sister and I miss our relationship and how things used to be. All I want for Christmas is for me and my sister to be on better terms.


I am truly excited though to be spending Christmas with Cody’s family. It will be so nice to just be with Cody on Christmas 🙂



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