Day 8


India is mad at me. The past couple days I’ve given her space, as in trying not to be at the house. She is mad because I haven’t been around. I only did that because she was crying the other night and really upset at dad and me.


No matter what I do, it’s wrong. I don’t know how I can please her, or make her understand that I love her and care about her. Our family friend just arrived and now India is hanging out with her.



There’s only two days left with India in town and I don’t know what to do to make things right before she leaves.


3 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Honey, this issue with your sister isn’t all on you. She sounds like she is not doing her part to make things work…at all. She is happy when you are doing everything you can to please her but is then mad at you again? Forgive me, but she sounds a bit like she’s only happy when everyone is catering to her and punishes you all the moment you are not doing what she wants. That’s just not fair. You are being loving, patient, understanding, affectionate, compassionate and empathetic beyond reason and she’s still dragging you through so much guilt. What more could you do? :(. I’m sorry this all hurts you so much. It’s so very obvious that you love her and just want her to forgive and love you back.

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      • You are most welcome. I wish my own sister was as caring and invested in our relationship as you. Sometimes people just need to come to terms with things on their own. I think your sister is damn lucky to have you and it’s her loss if she turns you away.

        Take care. I’m not sure she deserves you. Xo

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