Coffee Shops


Cody, his dad and I are going to be going to see coffee shops around us because Cody has this idea of opening a coffee shop with his brother sometime in the future. The area we live in really does need a coffee shop though. All we have is Starbucks and one local non-chain coffee shop, which I personally don’t like. The surrounding towns have okay-ish coffee shops, but Cody has a lot of ideas that would be really great for where we are.


I also got my period today, so woke up and have been cramping since. It was sweet though, Cody stayed with me while I was cramping. I told him he could go do his own thing instead of sit by my side while I am in pain, but he stayed. I also rather it have happened today rather than tomorrow when Cody and I will be driving all the way down to Savannah. It will be an all day drive if we don’t hit traffic. After coffee shops, we’ll come home and I’ll be doing laundry and packing while Cody video games since he won’t be able to game for a week.


I am definitely feeling more excited about Savannah now! I also send out a group message on Facebook and got a poker night going. Quick Silver and Andy are going to be there, and Ethan I think. Not sure about the rest, but still it’s going to be fun!



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