Got Grilled


Yesterday I hung out with one of my gay best friends. He is amazing with shopping and my mom told him that we could spend $2,000 on a new wardrobe for me. Because of my anorexia I have issues with shopping and getting clothes, especially if they aren’t fitted. So we got lunch before shopping, and I told him about Cody and I, and how serious we were. The second I mentioned marriage I got grilled beyond belief. I told him why I wanted to marry Cody one day and my friend accepted the answer after my explanation. In the  end my friend said that someone had to grill me to make sure I was sure about Cody and my future.


I’m actually siting on Cody’s lap right now… he wanted to spend more time with me before he went to game. It’s really sweet, and I like having him here while I blog and write. I now understand why he loves it when I go to check up on him when he is gaming. I like having him here, just his presence is calming.


Tonight I think I’m hanging out with Serena and she is going to give me her clothes that she has outgrown. Then she is going to help me dye my hair brown again. It’s been fading to like a dirty blonde and I want it back to the color when I met Cody. Plus school starts on the 29th and I want my hair to be brown again before I start there.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!




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