An Open Letter To The Guy Who Loves Me For Me…


Thank you. In a world where society portrays girls as sexual objects, thank you for accepting my natural beauty. Thank you for accepting me on my bad days, where my hair is a mess, and my makeup isn’t perfect. Unlike the photoshopped models out there you accept and love me. Loving me even if my legs aren’t perfectly shaved 24/7. Loving me even if I am not perfectly toned with a flat stomach. Thank you for loving me with all my “flaws”.


I may not be the traditional idea of ideal beauty to most, but to you, I am. To you, you think of me as perfect. You think of me and smile knowing that you get to be spend your time with me. To you I am more than just my physical appearance. Most guys out there will look at me and make a snap judgement on whether I am worthy of a hit it and quit it. To you, you looked at me and saw a person. You chose to get to know me and you saw me for me and didn’t turn away. We spent hours talking and opening up. With all my weaknesses you saw my strengths. You saw the real me and embraced it. You said loving me wasn’t a choice. Meeting me changed your life you said. Meeting you changed my life too, so thank you for accepting me for me and loving me as I am, flaws and all.


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