Can It Get Any Better?


I thought sex with Cody couldn’t get better, but it has. Is that normal in a relationship, that as time goes on the sex gets better? It’s just so amazing. I’ve never felt anything like it, and I’m not just talking about physical pleasure, I am talking about the emotional connection too.


But going back to my post from yesterday, I talked to Cody and he assured me it was just because he had to get back to work. He said we would obviously ask both of our parents to see what role they wished to play with the marriage. I personally am not sure if my parents would want to pay for it. I mean, they got married at City Hall and made a day of it together in NYC. That is really sweet. I personally don’t care about how fancy a wedding is. The simpler the better. Just close family and friends, and a nice dress, a decent venue and good photographers/videographers. Simple and sweet.


We also woke up to a winter wonderland. We knew the storm was coming but damn. It is snowing like crazy. We are doing a day in with movies, coffee, hot chocolate, writing and gaming, and cuddling.



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