Broken Glass and Cuts


Last night Cody and I got into an argument and there was miscommunication. I was drunk, and he came in and we were arguing and I told him to leave me. I meant he should leave me as in the relationship. I said leave, leave me, go play video games, leave. Stuff like that. He eventually left and I thought that meant he left. I mean he slammed the door and walked out of the bathroom. He thought I meant leave me to calm down and we would talk later. I smashed the beer bottle in the shower and I slammed the glass door and my hand went through the door. Cody came to see what happened and my hand and wrist were cut up. We went downstairs and my dad helped me wrap and clean the cuts.


We are fine just we both didn’t understand each other at that moment. I know throwing a beer bottle and smashing a door wasn’t the way to handle me being upset, but I was drunk. Stupidity on my part. See, Cody and I made an agreement that if we were in an argument we wouldn’t walk out on each other in the middle of it. He walked out. I assumed that meant that he was going to leave me. That thought didn’t even cross his mind.


But I have class later today. Actually I have to catch the train pretty soon. I am excited though! Cody and I are going to be relaxing tonight. I won’t be getting home until later. I hate the commute into the city, it’s a drag.



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