School and Anorexia


I am loving my classes, especially my police class. I was really bummed when I couldn’t go to sociology on Friday because there was too much snow. The roads were dangerous, and I emailed my professor so I hope he understands why. Also Tuesday is a Friday schedule, so I have sociology on Tuesday so I’ll be able to talk to him tomorrow and hope he understands why I was absent.


Eating has been rough though. Past couple days have been terrible with food. Only this morning did I realize it had to do with Cody and the porn thing that happened a couple weeks ago. I guess I didn’t realize how much it was bothering me until I started restricting again. I talked to Cody this morning and that helped a lot. I feel better. In fact, I am at the dinner right now getting a late breakfast. I forgot how exhausting it is to have no energy. Also Cody got a hair cut, and he looks SO different. I actually had a panic attack because I felt like I couldn’t recognize him. But he does look really handsome with shorter hair. He looks very Irish, which is totally sexy.


I’ve got laundry and homework to do today…aren’t Mondays fun? Hope everyone is having a good Monday though!



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