Sui Died …


For those of you who have been reading my blog for over a year, you probably know that I have, or had, a fish named Sui. I don’t get attached to fish usually, but Sui really got me. Yesterday my mom changed his tank, and yesterday he seemed so happy. He was swimming up to the top and then diving in the helmet and being really playful.


This morning when Cody and I came downstairs, my mom asked me if Sui usually would wrap himself around the filter, to which I said no. I put the net in to see if he would move, and when he didn’t my heart dropped. I got Sui away from the filter and he sunk to the bottom, lifeless. Cody saw I was getting really upset so he pulled me away from the tank and hugged me as I proceeded to shed some tears. I couldn’t really lose it because we were going to breakfast, so I kept myself together but I was very sad.


I decided that I was going to get a new fish. I couldn’t stand the thought of Sui’s nice tank being empty. Plus I just got him a new filter and heater because the old ones broke, hence why we changed the tank. So Cody and I went to get a new fish after breakfast. We haven’t named him yet, I still want to see what his personality is like. But here is a picture.


Not the best pictures. He won’t stay still. He really likes the tank though. He won’t stop swimming long enough for me to really get a picture. But I am still trying to figure out what to name him. My sister said she thought he should be named Envy because he has a green tint. I personally think he would have to be a darker colored fish to be called that. I’ll eventually come up with a name. And yes, I really am writing a post about a fish.



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