Is It Strange, Or Is It Just Me?


I always thought that porn was something that ones hides and doesn’t admit too. So on Instagram there’s a ton of porn accounts. On Instagram there’s a way you can see what the people you follow are liking, and you can see that they are liking porn, if that’s what they’re liking.


Maybe I am just so out of social media and how people do act, but isn’t that strange? Wouldn’t you not want everyone knowing you’re following and liking porn? Especially for those in relationships? Or are we in times where it really doesn’t matter who knows that you follow and like porn?


It was just something I was thinking about for the past couple days because on my Instagram, there are certain people I follow that do like a lot of those porn photos. I am thinking to myself, “Aren’t they self-conscious about that?” or “They really don’t mind everyone knowing that.”

Any thoughts on this?



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