Broken Promises and Disappointment


If there is one quality that Cody has that is bad it’s that he never sticks to his promises. Well I won’t say never but 75% of the time I know if he promises something it’s not going to happen.



Yesterday we did what Cody wanted for the most part. He played video games while I studied. We had sex. We went to my favorite restaurant for lunch (which was the only part of yesterday I enjoyed besides sex). We then went to this expensive coffee bar. We then came home and we were supposed to study together because I asked Cody to help me. One of his best friend was leaving today to go back to school so last night was his last night in town, I told him to go have a boys night. (If you’ve read my posts you will know I have issues with boys nights so I was very generous.) He said today would be our day.





We went to brunch this morning with his dad which I actually really enjoyed. Then we went to his bank to settle an issue. We went to his dad’s house to do his tax form. His brother then joined us to go to Barnes and Noble. We then all went back to our house and we did archery and some shooting. His brother wanted to get his jacket and cigarettes and come back to keep doing it. Cody said, “Don’t you have homework to do?” I replied, “Yeah. I’ll actually go do that now and you guys can keep playing.” I knew it was going to be too good to be true that Cody was actually going to help me with my homework. What in the world was I thinking? He can’t even do his own homework, so how is he supposed to help me. Stupid me.


So I am taking a quick study break. I have more than half my police exam material memorized. Also in Psychology we talked about alcohol and how it actually can help memory. So I am having a glass of prosecco while I study to test that theory. Anyways, I guess I’ll get back to studying alone. I guess I am just a bit sick of getting let down. I knew when Cody said that today would be our day, I knew he meant it when he said it…it’s just he has a habit of switching plans. If something “better” or “more fun” comes up we do that. It’s not that I didn’t kinda enjoy his brother’s company…it’s just today wasn’t our day. It was his day. I hope next weekend we can do what I want.



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