Presents, Money, and Work


Cody got one of his birthday presents this past weekend. I had planned to get him a pool table…but because we are moving out there isn’t space at the new place, but I already had the money- with the help of some of his friends- and so I gave him the money in an envelope with a birthday letter and picture of the pool table.


Cody is very happy that we have the money for a pool table, so when we do eventually have the space for one we can buy it immediately. Also Cody and I have been working on the website for my parents business. My mom said she would pay me $15/hour to work on it with Cody. I got a check for $195 which was nice…because after giving Cody his birthday present I was left with under $100 in my bank. So I deposited that, and then I checked the mail today and got my tax money back! That also helps a bit. I am also hoping that I can save some of the money from babysitting. Plus once Cody and I finish the website (which will take weeks) my mom said she would talk to my dad about giving each of us a bonus because she has wanted a new website for years and we are the only ones who have taken initiative.


I still have a couple of podcasts left for my police paper to listen to. I then have to actually write the paper… which will take a lot of connecting the dots and trying to figure out my opinion on if Adnan is actually guilty of murder. I don’t know when I’ll have time to write this paper with moving, babysitting, going to NYC for school…time just seems to slip away. But I’ll get it done. I have no doubt. But super excited for moving! That is probably what I can’t stop thinking about the most.



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