Breakup Drama and Finals


Last week I didn’t end up posting because of lack of time and having to deal with Cody’s friends who broke up over cheating, which I mentioned in an earlier post. She started texting me on thursday morning and throughout my first class. She mentioned suicide and self harm a lot. I got her to meet me at Grand Central and we talked and she ended up running when I tried to help her. I told her ex-boyfriend, and he contacted her family so hopefully she is getting help. I know I am being short about it in this post, but it’s just too long to write about if I went into detail.


Finals are coming up. I still am working on my Sociology paper and I have yet to begin my police paper. Then I actually have final tests in those classes and my psych class. I am super stressing because I feel like I won’t do as well as I did on earlier exams. So that’s a bit nerve wracking. Then Cody and I are moving out next monday. Next monday! It’s going to be even more stressful. I can’t wait until May is over.




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