Life Without Ed


So I am doing a lot better than I was in my other post from the other day. My anorexic attack the other day was so strong and it lasted a lot longer than most do these days. So I ended up buying two eating disorder books. One written by a mother about her son’s anorexia, and the other which is a well known book in the eating disorder community, Life Without Ed by Jenni Schaefer.


I’ve only read chapter one and I have made a lot of notes. I’ve had insights already and honestly viewing my eating disorder as an abusive relationship has helped. Cody even was saying a couple nights ago that I am cheating on him with my eating disorder. Cody is the only person who understood that. In other relationships I had felt like I was cheating on my boyfriend with my eating disorder because I was giving all my attention to my disorder and not the person I was with at the time.


But honestly if you’re in recovery please pick this book up. I wish I’d read this much earlier. But I’m reading it now and it is helping a lot.