Stressing The Fuck Out and Pissed


So I am a bit pissed at Cody…We had established understandings about him going LARPing.

  1. The desks and bed frame would be taken apart before he leaves.
  2. He would text me at these intervals (when he gets there, at night, when he wakes up, and when he heads home, and gets home)


I don’t think those are hard to follow. First off, the deal was that he had to have number 1 done to even go to LARP. It’s my fault though for not pushing him to do it, or well, I don’t know. Then this morning, he didn’t text me. So I texted him saying are you up and he said yup. Pissed as fuck at that. I just have separation anxiety and those simple texts at the intervals listed above keeps my anxiety at bay…though yesterday I did have an anxiety attack and had to talk a calm aid.


I can’t believe this is weekend one…he has a million more of these LARPing weekends. I hate this. I hate this, I hate this. Breathe.  Sorry, I just don’t want to start crying from the stress. We are moving out TOMORROW. NOTHING is packed. I have to do this all ALONE. You know what, I could simply pack all MY things, and leave Cody to pack his things, and maybe that will teach him something? No. I know that’s petty of me to do, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it.


Also fuck me…I don’t know how well eating is going to go today. Haven’t eaten yet. Planning on chewing gum. Trying not to cry. My god there is so much laundry to do… there is a cat at our house that keeps peeing on them and I want to wash ALL our clothes before we pack them to make sure they are actually clean. Then packing toiletries. I can’t evens start trying to move the bed or the desks because they ARE NOT TAKEN APART. I have to pack all the kitchen stuff.


I hate moving. Those who know me know it’s stressful as fuck for me and I don’t handle it well. Shit, crying. Fuck. I also have finals to do and I was so anxiety ridden yesterday I couldn’t do anything and fuck I feel like everything is just too much. I hate this. Sorry for being so stressed, I just had to post this to keep me sane and to let me actually try to pack.



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