Cody and I talked yesterday, or at least started the conversation of things that weren’t going right. Tonight we agreed since it will be the first time we’ve had in two weeks to hang out with each other to talk. We are going to talk about all potential issues or feelings. We are also going to go out to dinner and go to the club to play pool. Cody is a member of the club now, and I have to go through the women’s auxiliary to be a member.


But after we talked yesterday I told Cody what I really wanted, which was some time to discuss Life Without Ed. I came home from a renfrew group and Cody was on the couch reading Life Without Ed and had highlighted things he felt were relevant to me or to us. Cody never high lights, so to see that was huge and it was honestly the best thing to come home to. It was nice to see Cody actually taking to heart what I had said. And then Cody had this goofy grin on his face after I had sat down on the couch with him. He said, “I promised you, now it’s your turn to promise me,” and he pulled out a ring box with the ring set in them. The promise rings had arrived and that was the most wonderful way to surprise me with it. I honestly had forgotten about the ring that day.


He asked “Do you promise?” and I was honestly hesitating for a moment, which was shocking. The reason I had hesitated was obviously because of how off sync we were. I, of course, said “I promise” and he put the rings on my finger. We talked, we hung out, we made up, and we had amazing sex. Finally! Sorry but I was really beginning to wonder where our sex life had disappeared to, but damn we found it last night.


We finally are not doing routine things such as, “Did you get the groceries?” or “We still have to get a check book.” I am happy that tonight we are spending time together alone. It’s just us. It’s us doing something besides every day routine things. We are going to have a conversation about our relationship, the good things and the things we want to improve on. We are going to go out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants which Cody really likes too. Then we are going to go to the club to play pool. That…all of that is how we used to spend our time. I am really excited to be doing something “different” than the routine we’ve fallen into. Finally feeling heard!



2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. YAY!
    But seriously, life together on your own WILL be different from what it was like before. It’ll take a bit to get used to it….what used to be “special time” when you were together can change. You have to keep it special. And that probably means being real clear to us gene-damaged guys (cause we’re XY) what you need, when you need, and how you need it. Mars and Venus stuff. Keep plugging along 🙂

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