Finally Some Help!


So I totally forgot to post about Cody and I switching our phones back. We found an app, for android systems called Mobile Fence Parental Control and it has honestly been a life saver! The app is AMAZING. I can see what Cody is doing from my computer or the tablet we have because I set that as the parental device where as Cody’s is the childs. It is a free month trial and then it’s $28.50 for a year subscription for 3 devices. I know I’m going to be getting an android galaxy phone after my iPhone so I will get that plan to keep Cody’s device, the tablet, and my new phone when I get it which will be sometime later this year.


Another great site I found was RebootNation. Its a forum for those struggling with sex addiction and their partners. I made an account under AnonymousAnnaXO and I am going to make my first post today I hope. I also talked to Andy yesterday and told him about the situation between Cody and I. He has been the only person to take the situation seriously and offer me real advice and support. So I really appreciate Andy talking to me over Facebook yesterday it helped me and validated what I was going through.



2 thoughts on “Finally Some Help!

  1. Great progress, well done! And really pleased you got to share with someone.

    One word of warning, from experience, about blocks… they are generally really useful, but for me it became very easy to rely on them to be the method of maintaining sobriety (as opposed to building up my own mental strength and revamping my approach to life), so that when/if I found a loophole, I would almost always immediately act out. They should be seen as an ingredient to a broad recovery philosophy that includes personal/mental development, as opposed to being seen as the solution. It sounds like you know this already as Cody is seeking help in many other areas too which is great, but just sharing my experience in case it helps you.

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    • Thanks, and yeah I do know that the blockers are NOT a solution, but a tool to help keep him in check. This is no way means he can think that’s all it takes, I know he knows he needs to work on himself and dig deep and build up his mental strength.


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