I Feel Like A Princess!


Today has been impressive. I honestly was down about Cody because I wasn’t sure I could get in the mood for sex. Cody got home and was tired, I said he should take a nap while I finished an episode on netflix. I realized the dishes needed to be done and I figured it wouldn’t get done later so I paused my show and started doing the dishes, kind of feeling annoyed because it’s something Cody and I agreed would be a shared chore we do together. I did a couple dishes and then Cody was behind me with a towel in hand and started drying dishes.


I was so impressed and shocked and turned on. Yes, turned on. For some reason doing dishes with Cody has always put me in the mood. He also got me more in the mood by standing right behind means kissing my neck as I did the dishes. We didn’t end up finishing the dishes. We went to the bedroom and had amazingly passionate, fun, intimate sex.


Then we talked in the shower when cleaning up and he was going to go get take out since we are celebrating his one month in recovery of being honest and clean from porn and he took the trash out when he left. My god he worked on recovery today and made me feel like he takes our relationship seriously and loves me. Today at work, he watched the rest of the video I had sent him the other day, and he made an account on Rebootnation which I mentioned in my post earlier today. But I am seriously impressed with him, plus he made me feel so cared about and loved. He really did make me feel like a princess. I told him that it really was the little things that made me feel loved.


I posted about him cutting me up an apple once and how that really made me feel loved, I also told him that him picking out the vegetables in my lo mein noodles one night made me feel loved, and tonight it was him doing the dishes with me instead of napping.

Seriously happy right now!



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