Summer Class and Cody


I started my English class this week and my teacher is strict but awesome. I am about to learn so much and the class excites me. Cody went with me to New York the first day and he got jealous of his kid that I ran into on the subway last semester. It was strange. Suddenly Cody is jealous again, and I don’t know if it’s because he thinks he is going to lose me but it was strange.


Then Cody was awesome yesterday when I was in the kitchen dancing to this song that turns me on, he came in and danced with me and my god it was amazing. Cody hates dancing but he danced with me and fuck… every time I replay it in my head I feel so wanted, desired, sexy, and loved. I want that again. I want Cody to dance with me again.


Cody’s therapist is stupid or just doesn’t understand addiction. She suggested that Cody and I watch porn together, but “feminist approved” porn… seriously stupid and pissed me off. Of course, Cody knew that was a stupid suggestion and didn’t take it seriously. Cody is going to hang out with a friend after work and I might hang out with a friend too.



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