Ups and Downs of Living on Your Own


I remember when I was back at SCAD and I enjoyed being away from my parents for the first time. The first two years I lived on campus and had some interesting roommates, some great and others that were not so great. I still stay in touch with two of the roommates I’ve had over the years. Third year I lived in an apartment, with one of the roommates I still talk to from time to time. That was my first time I felt like I was living on my own, because it was an apartment and not a dorm. I learned a lot about my living habits that year, and Cody and I moved into our apartment three months ago and the experience has been bittersweet. So let’s see some positives and negatives that come with living on your own.


  1. Freedom: You don’t have to listen to your parents nagging you to clean or do homework. You can be free and make your own decisions, and be an adult. If you want to clean the dishes twice a week instead of doing dishes right after you use them, that is now your choice.
  2. Less Conflict: You have less people to fight with. When at home you have parents or siblings, and for my house, the more people that were there, the more fights. With just Cody and myself we don’t argue a lot, unless we don’t know who is doing what chore.
  3. Independence: You get the sense that you are independent and growing up. You start having to deal with real life things like learning how to budget, taking care of a place, and making choices on your own as an individual.


  1. Bills: That is something you and a roommate or partner will have to talk about and not forget. Knowing you and your roommates strengths and weaknesses are key. Since I know that Cody gets distracted, I make sure to keep track of when payments are due and make sure that we have enough money when bills come up.
  2. Budgeting: That is still something I am trying to get the hang of. I have this app, Wally, that is great. I can keep track of what I spend and make and same with Cody. You can see how much you’ve spent in a month and what you spend your money on. Once getting an idea of what you spend and on what, you then can make cuts or adjustments.
  3. Responsibility: This can be a positive or a negative, but in my case it sometimes feels like a negative. Living in an apartment means you are responsible for whatever happens to the apartment while living there. If there is any damage done you have to fix it or pay for it at the end of a lease. If any issues happen you have to take care of it, instead of having someone else do it. You have to do your own laundry, cooking, and cleaning, which isn’t always fun.

Living on your own is a great accomplishment, though, can be strenuous at times. I personally love living in an apartment with a roommate or partner better than living at home because I feel more grown up and feel independent. Being out on your own makes you learn a lot of things about life very quickly, which isn’t a bad thing. Anyone else have any positives or negatives to living on your own?



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