I Let My Guard Down

I blog for my business and today I wrote a post more in the style of posts like these. I was more open, let myself be in the post more and within twenty minutes got a comment from someone who said they could relate.


I guess a lesson learned…. maybe I should let people in, let them see the flaws, the struggles, the accomplishments more. On here I share, deeply, rawly, and honestly. I don’t hold back, and some of the posts on here I could call “venting.” Yet people have liked the posts on here, I gain followers with each post I publish and get comments.

I should have learned from this blog that the person I am is “likable”… and people enjoy hearing the truth. The honesty, the ups, and downs of life, in such a filtered and edited world sharing “perfection.” Who knew the raw/real me was… good enough.


No-Show Client…Over a Printer…

I am currently working with a couple, and the male didn’t show up for session (which was going to be addressing porn in relationships) because he had a fit over the printer two minutes before session.


I honestly was shocked. His homework indicated he felt that this session was going to be easy. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But he felt pretty confident about it. In my opinion, with the details revealed from the female partner, it seemed like a temper tantrum to get out of the session once he realized some of her feelings on the topic.

Our next session will be sometime next week, and I am honestly doing my best to try to figure out how to be gracious about this. Because next session we are going to be talking about the same topic, so unless he plans to not show up for every session, this topic will get addressed.


Men… just realize not all women want porn in their relationship. Some are okay with it, but when your woman is not, feels like it’s cheating, or hell porn is linked to past abuse, just be gracious about it and realize you have THE woman you want right in front of you. Be respectful and realize what you have. If she isn’t enough, definitely don’t lead her on to think she is the one and you have a perfect future ahead. It’s cruel.

Relationships take compromise and mutual sacrifice at times. And truly, is not using porn really a sacrifice? Because honestly, I don’t know about you guys, but I would much rather have sex than watch it.