I Let My Guard Down

I blog for my business and today I wrote a post more in the style of posts like these. I was more open, let myself be in the post more and within twenty minutes got a comment from someone who said they could relate.


I guess a lesson learned…. maybe I should let people in, let them see the flaws, the struggles, the accomplishments more. On here I share, deeply, rawly, and honestly. I don’t hold back, and some of the posts on here I could call “venting.” Yet people have liked the posts on here, I gain followers with each post I publish and get comments.

I should have learned from this blog that the person I am is “likable”… and people enjoy hearing the truth. The honesty, the ups, and downs of life, in such a filtered and edited world sharing “perfection.” Who knew the raw/real me was… good enough.


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