Character Bio’s

This page is for those who read my blog. I mention these people a lot, and thought it would be nice to have an image/general idea of who they are/were in my life.



The GIF above kinda looks like Cody, but Cody is more lanky, but the guy above has the same hair style.

Cody is my current and amazing boyfriend. I met him on June 6th, 2015. He has been amazing this summer with all my family drama going on. He also is the first real boyfriend who loves and respects me. He said “I love you” and no boy has ever told me that. Cody has become one of the, if not the, most important people in my life. He has been a freaking dream. I swear when we first started dating I wasn’t sure if it was real because that’s how good it was and still is. I can’t predict the future or know what curve balls life will throw at me and at us, but damn, I really do know that whatever happens between us, that I am thankful to have known him and have him show me what love is.

Update: found out on June 7th 2016 that Cody struggles with porn addiction. In the posts about him there were a couple through out our relationship where I caught him with that stuff, but he kept promising he would stop. Didn’t find out that he lied to me about a lot of what he did during our relationship until june 7th, and now we are working to get through his addiction.



India is my sister. She kind of looks a bit like Wednesday Addams with her black hair and gothic style. If you’ve been reading my blog, you will know my sister and I were best friends. We had a great close relationship. Then at the end of summer 2015 she ran away. We went to go find her. We found her, she is safe. She visited for Christmas. Things are now good between her and I again.



He is a dexter look a like. Think about what teen Dexter looked like, and that’s roughly what Ethan looks like.

Ethan and I were boyfriend and girlfriend freshman year of college. Broke up at the end of freshman year after Peter’s sexual assault on me took too much of a toll.

We used to be best friends until Fall Quarter 2014, he asked me if Monster really raped me. That was the beginning of the deterioration of our friendship. This Winter Quarter 2015 I confronted him about it and he still didn’t change his mind. Quick Silver helped me cut Ethan out of my life and said I deserve better. Ethan did come back into my life before I left my old school. But going back to Savannah with Cody January 2016 I realized I am done with Ethan. He still didn’t believe Monster raped me, and I don’t need people like that in my life.


I can’t really find a celebrity that looks like him. But he has brown hair and brown eyes. Wider build.

Eric, Ethan and I have been best friends since freshman year of college. Summer 2014 we dated. We then broke up soon after I reported Monster. Eric and I are not friends anymore.



AKA Soldier boy! I picked the nickname Owen because he looks a bit like Owen from Grey’s Anatomy. Plus they both were in the army so it was fitting. Owen is the thirty year old that I started dating after the breakup with Eric.

He ended up raping me on January 18th, 2015. I reported him. Nothing happened, the police in Savannah suck and don’t take that stuff seriously.

Quick Silver


A guy I met at one of those punk house shows. Met him Fall Quarter 2014, and we have been friends since. This quarter, winter, he has been an amazing friend.



Andy is Quick Silver’s best friend. The two of them have a friendship like Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Andy and I hooked up while he was still in a relationship. Andy has been an amazing friend to me too.


The ex boyfriend who raped me. Monster and Ethan were(are?) friends. They knew each other from high school. Monster liked me while Ethan and I were together. Monster and I were in a relationship. He raped me, I went into denial. Fall 2014 I reported him, and the case couldn’t move forward for lack of evidence. Looks wise, not that attractive, it’s really his personality that wins people over. He had blue hair when I met him, and then he dyed it red while we were dating. He likes to dye his hair a lot.



The classmate from my Intro to Dramatic Writing class from freshman year. He sexually assaulted me. He looks a lot like Jason Dohring. He is a DJ that works at the local clubs. I haven’t seen him since I confronted October of my sophomore year of college.

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